Week 11 Ad Analysis

This photo is an ad for NBA All Star Weekend 2020. The target audience is all sports fans but specifically those who watch basketball. The target audience can also be fans of the players in the ad such as James Harden, Kahwi Leonard, and Lebron James. The general ambiance of the advertisement is alluring because of the illuminated lights and the celebrities surrounding the ad. It creates a mood that tells you want to be there, around all of these people. There is no strong relationship between the pictorial elements and the written material because there aren’t many words on the ad. The words describe the what, where and why of the event which is straight to the point. The pictures provide details on who will be there.

 The space on the advertisement could have been used better. There are some empty spaces that could have been filled with pictures or words. One sign we find in the ad is the nba sign. This sign signifies which company this ad is for. The figures in this ad are all NBA players. Their occupation is playing a sport and they all play for teams in whoms jerseys they are wearing. They are all in the action of either throwing a ball up for a shot or dribbling. The actions signify what will be happening at the All Star game. The advertisement is trying to persuade the consumer to either attend the All Star game or watch it on TV. 

The item being advertised is the NBA All Star Game. American Sports play a big role in the culture and society because it helps people escape stress and helps everyone come together regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. Sports in society also influence many racial and socioeconomic issues today. Sports give people a sense of identity and pride in where they come from.