My Interview with Dominican Colleges Greatest Center EVER. (week 2 )

Jason Copman is the best to do it !

Many of you may know Jason Copman but if you don’t here’s a little about him and his basketball journey .  

Jason said being a student athlete was very rough at times and even broke down one of his schedules.

Jason Schedule at JUCO  

Workout at  6am -8m 

Study Hall – 8am -10am 

Class- 10am -1 pm


Practice 2pm – 5pm

Weightlifting after from 5pm  – 6pm 

Work at 6pm  – 10pm  

Jason did this for two years at his JUCO in Maryland. There were nights that he fell asleep in his work uniform being so tired. This just goes to show you that being a student athlete isn’t easy. With not much time to socialize with friends and family he still made an effort to try, he said. 

Jason’s  Climbs to where he is today is a pretty interesting story. He started playing basketball in 5th Grade and even then he wasn’t even half the player that he is now. No one used to pick him up to play at the gym, it was so bad he had to play on an all girls team at the local rec. In 7th grade and 8th grade Jason was the 3rd String center at his school not getting any playtime. Fast Forward to Freshman year in HS on JV he has 26 points his first game, he exploded in his debut. This was the leap that gave him hope that he can play this game professionally. Sophomore year comes and faces adversity once again he gets moved up to varsity and sits the bench due to it being seniors who were better than him. Junior year he didn’t get much playtime either and decided to make a change and elevate his game. Senior year comes and Jason is unstoppable , he went on to get POY (Player of the Year), while averaging 21 points and 17 Rebounds for the entire season. 

At the end of HS he had no college looks, not even a letter from one . Even if he did, the possibilities of him going were very slim due to his severely low SAT score that he shared with me. 

Jason decided to go the JUCO route which most athletes do when they need another chance to prove themselves not only as athletes but as students in the classroom. 

JUCO was a blessing in disguise, he said . Being there helped him not only become a better basketball player but a better person on and off the court. His best game of his life was during his last year at the school he had a 30 point 30 rebound game . 

Still no looks or offers from any colleges , so he decided to go to a showcase which he had to pay for to play in front of college coaches. There is where Coach Clinton met Jason and fell in love with his game and from there it was history. 

He then told me about behind the scene things in his personal life .

Growing up in Cumberland Maryland Jason said that it wasn’t really a struggle for them. Was an average middle class family ,both parents living in the house, with no problems. To get his mind off of things he said he likes to draw or go hiking because he loves the outdoors.

Jason Copmans Accolades and awards throughout his career

High School 

2nd team all state 

3 time state champion runner up 

Two time all area 

POY (Player of the Year) 


Average the most and most total rebounds in all of juco around the WORLD 

Dominican College

2nd team all metropolitan 

Second team cacc

First team all tournament

2 time CACC champ 

DPOY ( Defensive player of the year)