I know I have talked a lot about my planner, but I would like to explain to you why it works so well for me, and why it can also work so well for you.

For starters, my personal planner has come a long way. I add to my planner continuously, and so do other people. Don’t think that just because you have a planner, you can’t add anything to it. I have a listing up on Etsy that allows you to purchase additional pages if/when it comes to you needing more pages. These planners are meant to be completely customized and that’s what I’m trying to do with these.

My planner started off just being the weekly calendar page. Of course all additional pages are fun and helpful, but what I needed more than anything was one very organized page where I could write down my big events for the day (school, babysitting, volunteering, etc.). I put in 1 full year and went off that for the time being. That was all I needed at the time; one place to put everything I needed to do. And that worked for a while until I started wanting more pages in it.

I saw what was inside other planners and decided that I wanted some extra pages. I decided to make my own versions of them. That’s when I added pages like passwords, contacts, notes, and to do. That quickly expanded to upwards of 20 different additional pages to include in planners.

In my first section, I have the same style of calendar pages that I started with: the Autumn. It’s perfect for me because everything has it’s place. It’s easy to glance at. On the adjacent page to the calendar, I have what I call my “Other” page. I have coming up, to do, school/homework, home, babysitting, appointments, notes, hydrate, and calendar-at-a-glace boxes to fill in. They’re for what can’t fit in the planner.

My second section has lots of different pages in it, so I think we can call it the Miscellaneous Section. It starts with having full-sized calendar-at-a-glance pages that I fill in big events, birthdays & anniversary tracker, emergency phone numbers and contact sheets (for babysitting), income, ambulance calls, passwords, and to do sheets. It’s the section I go to for whatever isn’t directly planner related, but important enough papers that I need to keep on hand.

The third section in my planner is filled with word searches. I know, I’m a little bit of a loser, but I’m a commuter. What else am I supposed to do? I just made mine on SuperKids WordSearch Puzzle Maker. No…I don’t sit down and create them letter by letter.

My last two sections are for Breezy business. I have sample pages for when I bring my planners to craft shows, planner ideas, and just some extra pages for notes.

When I asked a few of my friends what exactly makes their planner work for them. Below is a video of Olivia talking about her planner and why it works for her.

I’ve made planners for a few of my cousins, and Maycie, a freshman in college, told me that, “I’m actually a human being. With plans. That I actually do.” Thanks, Maycie, for making me feel like my planners are helping you out…especially a person like you who felt she wasn’t a person before my planners. I don’t think compliments can get much better than that.

Maycie also told me that being able to customize the planner along the way is really what made it work so well for her. “Autumn worked with me through the whole thing. I knew for the most part what I wanted, but Autumn suggested a few other things I never would have thought of and they’re so helpful. I use my planner everyday and it makes me happy looking at it because it’s so colorful and upbeat.”

Having a planner that is made just for you is exactly what makes a planner work so well for someone. Why get a planner with things you don’t need in it? Make it work for yourself and you’ll never need another planner.



I am Professor Burns. I enjoy my work and teaching media courses!