An untimely injury

Russell Wilson underwent surgery on Friday for his injured middle finger that occurred during the game vs the Rams on Thursday night.

Wilson suffered two injuries to his finger which consisted of a extensor tendon rupture and a comminuted fracture-dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint. There is no time table for his return, but is it estimated around 6-8 weeks.

His surgery was performed by hand specialist Dr. Steven Shin. Wilson is due to start therapy this weekend to try to get him to return later on in the season.

For the first time in his 10 year career, Wilson will be missing a game due to injury. His streak of starting 165 games will be coming to end unfortunately.

Earlier in that day Seahawks Coach Pete Carrol quoted “This is Russ at his finest in terms of competitiveness,” Carroll said. “He’s doing everything possible to be ready to take advantage of whatever is available to him. He’s tuned in and focused, he was up all night working it, he’s already flying to go see the docs. Everything has been done as fast and as efficiently as possible. It’s looking ahead, we’re already looking at getting right and coming back, that’s how we’re talking about it, and I know that he’ll maximize whatever the timeframe is. He’s going to do a fantastic job of doing whatever he’s up against.”

Geno Smith will be taking over the starting role of the Seahawks offense. Smith was starter earlier on in his career with the Jets, but time will tell to see how he does with the Seahawks.