Photo and Story

To win his 8th superbowl Tom Brady completed yet another comeback in the 4th quarter against the Chiefs. He trailed 28-17 and led the Buccaneers to win by a score of 31-28. He completed the game winning touchdown pass to who else, his old reliable friend from New England, Rob Gronkowski. Timed expired as Gronkowski came down the catch in the back right corner of the endzone.

As soon as this happened, immediately the whole team went to dog pile Gronkowski in pure excitement of the events that just unfolded. As the dust settled down, you can see Brady and Gronkowski celebrating here holding their hands up together. This is their 4th Super Bowl that they have won as teammates together and you can see the joy in their faces. After all the players cleared out in the stadium, Tom and Rob went on a walk around the stadium just to soak all the energy in and live in the moment.