Four Photos

For my 4 photos, I chose to take 4 screenshots of Mike Gesicki on the Dolphins making a spectacular one handed catch. The 4 pictures compliment each other in a way that they are all showing different parts of the play. From the snap of the ball, to the completion of the catch.

The Camera angle enhances the photos by showing the travel of the ball, how Gesicki was able to grip it with his one hand, and how he was able to complete the catch. The camera angle on the last 2 photos really puts into perspective the difficulty of the catch, but makes it visible for the fans to see how it was done.

The photo accomplishes how truly difficult it was for Mike Gesicki to make the one handed catch. Reading about someone making a catch is one thing, but you really can’t put into your ahead exactly how it happened. When you see pictures of it, you can really see how it happened and grasp how difficult the catch was. You are able to appreciate it more.

For this post, I just want the audience to appreciate a great play and be able to understand how difficult of a catch it was.