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    Ad Some Time to Your Day!

    ( I do not have an original link to the ad because I created on google docs and screenshot it)

    Client: Homeowners 

    Product: Landscaping 

    Title: Why Us?

    Length: 30 Seconds 

    Writer: Luke Martini




    The camera comes up the street and turns onto the front lawn with a view of a man on a lawnmower cutting his grass. ( white male brown hair blue eyes about 6-foot riding small mower)

    Cut to wife: (white, blond hair, Blue eyes, annoying )

    Cut to husband: ( looks pissed off )

    Cut to wife ( annoyed at husband for looking pissed off)

    Cut to crappy looking lawn

    Cut to husband and wife (arguing over something that needs to be fixed in the house)

    Cut to the driveway ( Pro-Cut workers and Truck )

    Cut to happy-looking husband face 


     Cut to front lawn ( all cut and trimmed bushes )

    Cut to a happy-looking couple 


    Cut to the outside of the house ( with Pro-Cut logo and phone number underneath)

    Wife: I need your help there’s a bug inside!

    Husband: (under breath) it’s always something new I can never get anything done around here 

    Wife: stop playing on your stupid lawnmower and come help me!!

    Husban: coming honey!!

    Narrator: does your lawn look like this? is it half done because you don’t have enough time in your day?

    Husband: I don’t have enough time in my day!

    Narrator: then let us here at Pro Cut and Clean take some stress off and get your yard work done for you

    Husband: now that the yards done I can take care of all your home projects honey 

    Narrator: Give us a call we’ll add a few hours to your day!!

    June 2021
    M T W T F S S