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    30-second Ad Spot

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    The green lines show the traffic flow through rockland county. The yellow means slower ares and the red means dead stop traffic. For the middle of the day traffic is not too bad so there are some better areas for the company to expand too. In Rockland County there are more than 10 colleges and universities, and this is the best way to expand the Udrive company targeting the young college student and making rides affordable and giving discounts and marketing on social media so every possible student who is away from home without a car or way of transportation sees these ads and instantly knows that it is the best way to get around.


    30 second AD Spot 


    1. —Attention Step: Have you ever been stranded somewhere with no way to get to and from easily? Many college students have this problem daily!
    2. —Need Step: Many college students rely on public and private transportation services to get too and from class. With classrooms being over a mile away many of my personal friends struggle to find rides to class every day causing them to be late and impacting their grades negatively.
    3. —Satisfaction Step: If colleges c in Rockland County partner up with our Udrive company they can solve this problem once and for all. Students can get affordable rides to and from class in harsh weather helping students become more successful in the classroom.
    4. —Visualization Step: If U Drive is on campuses in Rockland county it will increase the attendance in class and students grades will improve. If campuses decided not to partner with Udrive the number of students attending class will continue to dwindle causing lower GPAs and bed reputations for schools in the area. 

    —    5. Action Step: If you don’t believe us yourself download the app and    order a ride next time you have to go somewhere local and you will see its fast , easy , and affordable making Udrive the ideal college students way to get around town with ease.


    June 2021
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