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    11.14: Visual Ad Analysis


    • Color- darker  grey and whites make the cover look more professional and down to earth unlike an entertainment cover with pink fonts and bright colors.


    • Models- Jack Dorsey, a young entrepreneur that not everyone would know of so when they look him up they will see information and the Forbes article. Directing the reader audience where they want.


    • Location- “America’s Best Entrepreneurs”- draws people’s attention to making money in America  and how to do it themselves.


    • Fonts – the company and the title are biggest so you see them first and get curious about who it is then read the smaller print and hopefully that’s enough to have the reader open up to the article.



    • Color- darker colors to focus on business but a  white accent around the main women on the cover to highlight her smile and look to make it fun to look at.


    • Models- Jessica Marie Alba is an American actress and businesswoman.


    • Location-America’s Richest self made woman” shows women can be successful in America just as much as men.


    • Fonts–  Different colors and sizes point the reader’s attention to certain words. “Self-Made” is in yellow to stand out and show she did things on her ow



    • Color- Light grey border with darker grey on the inside to make President Trump stand out on the cover.
    • Models- President Donald Trump.
    • Location- America’s 45th President “Inside Trump’s Head” many are wondering what’s going on in his head so this exclusive interview will catch the eye of millions.

    • Fonts-  Forbes 100 year edition which makes this issue special so they needed a good story and an interview with the 45th President was perfect to grab people’s attention. Every word on the cover will be read no matter small print or large.n and made her own money.
    June 2021
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