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    Fast and Furious Trailer

    1.  Trailer creator: Luke Martini 
    2. Movie Title:The Fast and the Furious
    3. Movie genre: Action 
    4. Length: 30 Seconds 

    • Scene one (3 seconds) 

    Camera zooms in on the car ( driverseat) on Brian O’conner and shows dominic Toretto’s face through passenger side window 


    Paul Walker, Vin Diesel 


    • Scene Two (5 seconds)

    Over shot of 4 actors sitting together at a family dinner (showing they are very close)


        Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Rick Yune


    • Scene Three (5 seconds)

    Helicopter view shows street racers all lined up to start. Then then mid race car crash (action)


    Actor 1, Actor 2, Paul Walker Vin diesel 


    • Scene four (5 seconds)

    Side shot of jessie getting shot at over a car dispute and loss of a race and Dominic toretto running for him with bloody shirt.


    Vin Diesel, Chad Lindberg


    • Scene Five (5 seconds) 

    Camera zooms in Brian O’conner and Mia in bed together laughing and smiling together but then switched to and angry dominic toretto face.


    Paul Walker ,Vin Diesel ,Michelle Rodriguez


    • Closing (3 seconds) 

    Camera facing two cars with Vin diesel and Brian O’conner getting ready to race on the green light as the light turns green the cars start to go then the camera cuts to a picture of all 7 actors and two cars with the date it come out and the rating and the information.


    Paul Walker, Vin Diesel ,Michelle Rodriguez , Jordana Brewster ,Rick Yune ,Chad Lindberg, Matt Schulze

    June 2021
    M T W T F S S