Welcome to Introduction to New Media

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Welcome to Introduction to New Media at Dominican College. Journalism in the 21st century is moving and evolving at a rapid pace. It is a necessity for journalists to use new media when reporting as a way to connect with audiences. This course will teach you how to maintain a professional presence online and how to use social media platforms for news reporting. You will be asked to film, photograph, edit, and post stories online—a required skill for journalists to keep up with the times. Here is a student’s blog from a previous semester to give you an idea of the places you’ll go in this course. Below you will find your name, which will link you to your personal news blog.

Old Media v New Media

The schedule of assignments can be found in the navigation menu in the left sidebar. Our class’s new media pages may be found clicking on the icons at the top of this page.

Karina Hacks & DIY
Lauren Photography
John Daily Humor
Andrew MLB News
Kristin Grammar Amanda Business Startup

Gabrielle Foods
Kayla Hip Hop & R&B Vincent Soccer
Arianna Music
Larissa Humanity
Santino Football Free Agency
Brianna Makeup & Beauty
Hilarie Afro Latina Life
Bobby Existentialism
Mason Up & Coming Artists Jamilya Fashion
Roberto Hip Hop Emily Softball
Alexander League of Legends
Melanie Photography
Zachary Zane NFL Offbeat News Justine  Crossfit