Closet 101

The aftermath of closet transitioning
The aftermath of closet transitioning

I hate having a disorganized closet. It makes me feel uncomfortable and just weird. That’s why I’m, surprise surprise, crazy about keeping my closet clean.

DISCLAIMER! My closet does not stay this clean. It was time to switch out the fall/winter and bring out the spring/summer.

I like to keep my closet color coded. I think it’s easier and it keeps it so organized. I start with tan, brown, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, gray, and then black. I keep all my colorful outfits in the middle, and if anything is super patterned, it goes where it seems to have the most color.

On to sleeve length…

We all own quite a few white shirts, so how do you organize them in your closet? I go by sleeve length. I start with my tank tops and make my way to long sleeved shirts. It’s simple because you know where to go in your closet in order to get weather-appropriate clothing. Ta da!

I took all my clothes out this time because I really started slacking with where everything went. It was a complete disaster. My mom tried helping me out but  didn’t stick to my color code, so I gave it a break for the season…bad idea. I brought all my clothes out and hung them up so that I could easily see everything, color code it all, and go by sleeve length.

I took folded up all my sweaters and fall/winter clothes and stored them away under my bed and brought out all the fun and brightly colored clothing. I am so ready for summer!

Even though it sounds like I spend a long time organizing my closet, I really didn’t. 30 minutes later, my closet was in perfect shape yet again and perfectly ready for the spring!

Happy Organizing!

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